If you’re checking every box for the ingredients and composition of fat, carbs and protein in the snack aisle, you probably won’t find the best low fat snacks. Start looking in the fresh fruit and veggie section and open your mind to some great possibilities. Consider eating pineapple, it’s cholesterol free and fat free. One cup of pineapple contains 131 percent of your daily requirement for vitamin C. It provides heart-healthy fiber, potassium, vitamin A and iron. Fresh pineapple comes with a punch, the stinging in the mouth caused by its bromelain. Cutting out the core first helps reduce the sting, just like mixing it with cottage cheese, which neutralizes it a bit but also adds fat.

Grab some other fruit or raw vegetables.

You’ll definitely reduce the fat in your diet when you munch on raw fruits and vegetables. Avocados are one example of fresh fruits or veggies high in fat, even though it’s a healthy fat. Don’t fall into the trap of eating dried fruits, you’ll eat more because they aren’t as filling as fresh fruits. Grab some broccoli, fresh carrots, a sliced apple or a bowl of blueberries to fill you up, not out. If you want to stay fuller longer, add a little fat to the mix with some nut butter to slather on fruit slices.

Create a low fat dip to go with those vegetables.

Seriously, some people actually just love the taste of fresh veggies, but for most people, they’re not acceptable without a little dip. Find ways to reduce the fat in the dip. For spinach dip, use Greek yogurt, a small amount of low fat mayo, packaged dry soup mix and spinach to accomplish that. It’s delicious, makes you want to eat more vegetables and lower in fat.

Whole grain crackers can be a good low fat snack and combined with fruit or vegetables, very filling.

There are a lot of whole grain snacks available on the market, like Triscuit Whole Grain Baked Originals, Annie’s Cheddar Squares or Carr’s Table Water Crackers. Whole grain granola mixed with fresh fruit is also another option. Consider stuffing a pita pocket with some salad as one of your snacks. If you’re getting snacks for a group, one pita cut in half, stuffed with salad and then each side cut into six pieces is a simple way. Think veggie flatbread Subway when it comes to flavor.

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