About Us

Our Staff Members Include:

Estelle Solomon, M.S., CCC-SLP (PC) is the Director and Founder of *STARS*. She has been working with a diversified population in the field of speech and language disorders for almost 40 years. She is PROMPT certified, has worked with Dr. Stanley Greenspan in implementing a Floortime approach, and trained with Dr. Doug Biklen in Facilitated Communication. She specializes in working with children on the autistic spectrum, apraxia of speech, and delayed speech and language development. Currently she consults with parents and other professionals so there is a unified therapeutic approach.
Laura Ksyniak, M.A., CCC-SLP (PC) began her career serving the adult and geriatric patient population in an acute care and outpatient setting, where she gained extensive experience in neurogenic communication disorders, voice disorders, and dysphagia. Currently, her primary focus is working with children with a variety of communication and developmental problems, including autism, apraxia, articulation, language, and phonological disorders. Laura is PROMPT certified and a certified provider of the Compton P-ESL foreign accent improvement program.

Michelle Solomon-Levitt ΒΈ MS, CCC-SLP (PC) has been working with the pediatric population for over ten years. She is a PROMPT certified speech language pathologist. Michelle is also trained in oral motor and feeding therapy. She specializes in working with children on the autistic spectrum, those with speech and language disorders, apraxia of speech, and augmentative communication. Michelle uses a multi-sensory approach in treating the child as a whole.

Ann Marie Ross, M.S. CCC-SLP has worked in both public and private schools treating children with autism She also worked at Hackensack University Medical Center. Her areas of expertise are children with speech – language delays and dysphagia/feeding difficulties, as well as those on the autistic spectrum. She has experience in applied behavioral analysis and is currently working toward PROMPT certification. She has strong experience with adults with aphasia, dysphagia and voice disorders secondary to stroke, traumatic brain injury and other medical and neurological diagnosis. Whomever the client, her goal is the same, to help them reach their fullest potential for a satisfying quality of life.

Kimberly Kerney MA, CCC-SLP (PC) has ten years of experience working with the pediatric population. She is PROMPT certified and has completed coursework on DIR/Floortime and functional oral motor therapy. Kim has worked with children with multiple developmental disabilities, childhood apraxia of speech, dysphagia and autism spectrum disorders throughout her career. Areas of expertise include the treatment of feeding/swallowing disorders and the use of augmentative/alternative communication in addition to treating pediatric speech and language disorders. Kim incorporates the principle of sensory integration to help clients achieve their maximum potential for learning.

Cheryl Wardrop, M. A., CCC-SLP has over ten years of experience working with grades K through 12 in two public school systems and seventeen years working for Bergen County Special Services with the deaf and the hearing-impaired in grades 3 through 12. She has received additional work-related training in auditory-verbal therapy. Cheryl has attended the PROMPT Introductory course and the PROMPT Bridging course.