​As a personal trainer that’s been working in the field for many years, it surprises me that so much fake information is being passed around on the internet. You’d think that the internet is a great source of information for everything from cooking healthy clean meals to how to do your strength training exercises, but there’s just so much fake information on the internet that I need to write this article to bust a few myths.

Not only is most of the information on the internet wrong, but some of it can lead to disappointing results. The worst part is that many of these “professionals” actually charge you good money for their lies! Some people are just terribly wrong with the information they hand out, so here are five of the biggest and most ridiculous myths that I’ve seen and why they make absolutely no sense.

Training Myth 1: Muscle Will Turn Into Fat Without Training

First of all, who said that muscles will just turn into fat? This myth probably stemmed from people losing muscle after they stopped training and decided to go back on fast food diets that consist of sweets and fried foods. Here’s a newsflash for those people; your muscles weren’t turning into fat, you were losing muscle while you were putting on fat!
I’ve no clue what people decided to throw this myth around. The idea that your muscle tissue could turn into fat tissue is absolutely absurd. Muscles don’t just melt down into fat because you don’t use them. Muscles need calories and nutrients to sustain their growth and eve for maintenance so as long as you keep eating well and training, your muscles will keep repairing themselves.

Training Myth 2: Your Strength Training Won’t Burn Fat

People used to think that calorie burning was all about how fast your heart pumped. Sure, that might make sense scientifically, but do remember that your body requires calories to function and your muscles are going to make a huge difference in how many calories you need.
To maintain muscles we need calories. Calories are gained from eating food and act as fuel to keep our muscles maintained and our bodies moving. But do you remember what other source of fuel we have in our bodies? You guessed it—fat! Very simply put when you eat excess amounts of food it’s turned into fat that becomes part of our bodies. When we don’t eat enough food, our body turns to using our fat stores as energy which is how we burn fat in the first place.

Training Myth 3: Weight Training Makes Women Bulky

Naturally, women just don’t have the same hormone levels in their bodies to be as bulky as men. A typical female only has about 10% of the testosterone as a man. Unless you have an incredibly high amount of testosterone, along with focused and deliberate strength training and diet, it’s not possible to reach the same type of physique of a man.
I’ve worked with many women that have been worried about their appearance. They believe that if they start strength training they’re going to look bulky like men but this simply isn’t true! A well-toned and muscular female body is going to remain feminine no matter what, so don’t be afraid of strength training if you’re a female!

Training Myth 4: Strength Training Is Useless for Older People

This is a terrible advice that has been thrown around for many years and it’s simply not true. There are so many seniors out there that have taken up strength training to improve their bodies and give themselves a hobby that connects them with like-minded individuals and gives them something healthy to focus on.
Anyone that tells you that you’re too old to do strength training is just full of themselves. Regardless of your age, if you want to start strength training then don’t let anyone change your mind, not to mention the benefits of reducing the risk of osteoporosis for aging people. As long as your doctor tells you that you’re fit enough to lift weights and improve your strength, you’ll find that there are many fantastic benefits to strength training later in life. 

Training Myth 5: Only High Repetitions Help You Tone Muscles

This is a myth that I’ve heard for almost two decades and it’s somehow still floating around. People used to think that repeating only lightweight strength exercises will help them tone their physique. It’s a myth that was outdated even before the internet was a major platform for people to share their advice and spread false information.
If you need science backed advice for your strength training then don’t hesitate to contact me. As someone with years of experience in the field, it pains me to read bogus articles on the internet that claim to be from “experts” that know what they’re talking about.

​Sadly, it’s all a sham and what you need is real, legitimate advice from a seasoned trainer that knows what they’re doing. If you’re serious about your fitness and strength training, then there’s really no better option.

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