​Motivation is one of the biggest contributing factors to your fitness routine. Staying focused is difficult if you don’t have something driving you and it takes a lot of mental fortitude to stick to your plan. If you’re struggling with your self-motivation and it seems almost impossible not to slip off your schedule, read on to learn 4 efficient ways how to stay on track.

Firstly, don’t beat yourself up when you accidentally end up having one too many cheat days or if you skipped an entire workout day. While it does affect your overall results, it’s natural to feel discouraged if you lack the motivation. Instead of forcing your body to do it, you need to find ways to encourage yourself to get back on track. Luckily, I’ve got some fantastic tips that will help you stay motivated during even the most intense and demanding fitness routines. But first, what can motivation actually do for you? Let’s take a look.

  • Motivation kicks your body and mind into gear as soon as you wake up
  • Motivation convinces you to get rid of unhealthy foods and drinks from your diet
  • Motivation helps you kick out the fast food and take in the healthier options
  • Motivation gets you pumped to burn calories and build muscles during sweaty workouts
  • Motivation gives you a goal to aim for and reminds you why you’re working so hard

Now that you have an idea of what motivation can do for you, let’s dive into 4 efficient ways to stay motivated for fitness reasons.

Motivational Trick #1: Find Your Source of Motivation

To start with, don’t forget why you’ve decided to lose weight, build muscle or get fit in the first place and constantly remind yourself of it. If you’re having trouble finding your WHY, these common reasons my clients have might inspire you to dig deep and figure out yours.

  • You want to get fit so you can heal the effects of the unhealthy lifestyle you used to live in the past.
  • You want to improve your health so you can take your kids out to play more often
  • You want to lose weight to prepare for your next summer holiday
  • You want to burn fat so you can fit into the clothes you used to wear
  • You want to impress others with a slim figure and fit body
  • You want to boost your confidence in your appearance
  • You want to prove to your friends that you’re not lazy

Motivational Trick #2: Tell People and Make it Stick

Whatever your goal is, make sure you tell people you trust so they can keep you accountable. Write it on notes and stick them around the house, constantly tell your friends that you’re going to make a difference in your fitness and let your kids know so they can support you. It’s important to make it official so that you don’t give up.

The thought of failing your friends and family with false promises can be a great way to motivate yourself. Alternatively you can hire a coach who will make sure to check-in with you regularly to keep you on track.
In short, it’s not always enough telling just yourself that you want to lose weight or get fit. If you tell others, then it gives you a great reason to turn down sweets, avoid going to a bar on a Friday night and prevents your partner from cooking your favorite unhealthy foods.

Motivational Trick #3: Be realistic With Your Plans

Let’s face it, burning 20lbs in a month is virtually impossible unless you starve yourself. Even if your try, it may be a risky way of losing weight. You need to be realistic about your plans so don’t expect to do the impossible. No matter how motivated you are to burn fat and lose weight, you need to stick within the realm of possibility.
If your aim is to change your life for the long-term, you need to find the fine line between extremes and challenge yourself just enought to push through. Set practical goals that may require you to go out of your comfort zone, but allow you to get there by gradually working harder. Even if it’s something small like cutting out 100 calories each day or doing 20 minutes of exercise every day, start small so that you don’t disappoint yourself in the future.

Motivational Trick #4: Admit You Need Support

Lastly, don’t forget that support is always around the corner. The worst thing to do is be stubborn and never listen to the people around you. If you know people that are fit and go to the gym often, then they might have some great advice for you and they can serve as motivational boosters.
If you need professional advice, then don’t hesitate to contact me for fitness and fat loss tips and motivational support that will get you on the right track.

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